4 Stories to Tell Around the Campfire

“It was a dark and stormy night, and he was all alone in a cabin in the woods…”

Who doesn’t love a good campfire story? Telling spooky tales around a fire is up there with stargazing and s’mores as far as outdoor traditions go. Plus, there’s no better way to make yourself an instant campsite legend than spinning a good tale after the sun goes down. 

Since it’s officially camping weather, I wanted to share 4 of my favorite campfire stories with you. Hopefully, none of these keep you up at night!

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The Hitchhiker

If you’ve been to summer camp or camped out with friends as a kid, the odds are high that you’ve heard this one. However, I can’t help sharing it again because it’s such a classic story.

“A woman is driving home late at night on a deserted country road. She stops to fill up her gas tank at a lonely gas station. There’s only one other car at the station - a beat up old pickup truck. She walks into the station and buys some gas, but gets a bad feeling from a man standing inside the store, so she pumps her gas quickly and gets in her car when she sees the man walk out of the gas station. He grabs a shotgun from the rusted truck and runs toward the woman. Seeing this, she gets in her car and speeds off.

A few minutes later, she sees bright lights flashing and hears honking behind her. She turns around and sees the man chasing after her, and starts driving faster. A minute later, she sees lights and hears honking again, and turns around to see the man keeping pace. She drives faster and faster, every minute or so turning when she hears the man honk or sees his flashing lights. At last, she arrives at home, and sprints into her house without taking the keys out of the ignition. She calls the police. 

Minutes later, they arrive, and she walks outside to see two officers pulling a stranger with a knife out of her backseat. Another officer walks over, joined by the gas station man, who says “I tried to warn you when I saw that guy get into your car earlier, but you left too quickly. The cops say he’s a wanted murderer! I saw him in your car about to stab you, so every time he stood up in the back seat, I laid on the horn and flashed my lights.”

The Coffin

This next story is a little more light-hearted. After all, sometimes you need a story that won’t keep everyone up at night! It goes like this:

“A man is walking home from a party when he passes a graveyard. As a shortcut, he decides to walk through the yard instead of around it. In the deepest, darkest corner, he sees an opened grave, with a coffin lying on the ground next to it. Stranger still, as he passes by, he hears a BUMP BUMP BUMP coming from the box. A little scared, he quickens his pace and gets out of the graveyard.

A block later, he stops at a red light and hears a sudden BUMP BUMP BUMP from behind him. Unbelievably, it’s the coffin following him from the cemetery. At this point, he breaks into a run and sprints to his front door. As he fumbles with the keys, he hears BUMP BUMP BUMP as the coffin slides up the sidewalk after him. He runs inside, chased by the coffin, and locks himself in the bathroom. 

The coffin smashes through the door, and the man starts screaming at the top of his lungs. Frantically, he searches for anything to use as a weapon. The toilet plunger bounces off harmlessly, the mirror doesn’t even scratch the coffin as it BUMPs towards him. He throws toothpaste, aspirin, and shampoo at the box - but nothing works. BUMP BUMP BUMP In desperation, he throws a bottle of cough medicine at the coffin.

The bottle shatters all over the box, and the coffin stops.”


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The Imposter

Sometimes, the best stories are ones that leave a little to the imagination. This next story is very short, but very sweet - the perfect story for a campfire story session. Here’s how it goes:

“A little girl is alone in her room, playing with some dolls when she hears her mother call her from the kitchen downstairs. The girl gets up and walks downstairs, when her mother comes out of the next room over and grabs the girl, putting a hand over her mouth. “Don’t go into the kitchen”, the mother says “I heard it too.”

The Puzzle

For the next story, we’ll go with another classic story that you might have heard already. Even if you have though, it’s still an incredible story that’s great for the campsite. It starts like this:

“An old woman is working on a puzzle at her kitchen table. As she works, she starts to recognize the scene in the puzzle. A lamp in the puzzle matches the one in the corner, and the painting on the wall has a twin in the puzzle. She continues to work, and as she does, she realizes that the puzzle depicts her living room. She keeps working inward, putting in the pieces that show her cats and then her own face, when she notices something on the puzzle. In the window behind her, the puzzle shows a shadow in the shape of a man. With shaking hands, she puts in the last three pieces: An upraised arm, a hatchet, and the final piece with the terrifying face of her killer. 

The police did a search of her house and found no evidence of a break-in. In fact, the woman seemed to have died of a heart attack. The one thing they couldn’t explain was the puzzle on the living room table.”

Hopefully, some of these stories will inspire you to do some storytelling of your own at your next campout. Do you have any campfire stories that you like to tell? If you do, I’d love to hear them in the comment section!

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