5 Ways To Set Up Your Hammock Without Trees

A while back I wrote a 3-part article on just a few of the hammock tips, tricks, and hacks that I could think of. You can read that article here to get a good overview of all the basics of hammock camping.

You might think that hammocking just involves finding a pair of good trees, kicking back, and relaxing. That’s actually not far from the truth. But what do you do if you can’t find any good trees, or if the trees are just too far apart? One thing’s for sure- you can’t just give up and sit on the ground. With a little creativity, there are plenty of ways to hang a hammock in nearly any situation. Here are 5 ways we’re learned to hang a hammock without using any trees:

1. Posts and Poles

Telephone poles, fence posts, or porch supports all make great hammock hangs in a pinch. You can find great posts to hammock from all over the place if you know where to look. Just be careful to choose posts that are big enough and strong enough to support your weight! These days, more and more national and state parks are adding hammock posts for hammocks to use, so this option will become a lot more common in the future.

Related image

Posts like these are great for hammock hanging.

2. Hammock Structures

Another cool option is the hammock structure, like this one made by Nidostructures in Austin Texas. These kind of structures are popping up all over the place in cities, colleges, and public areas. I really like these structures because they let you hammock with other people without having to spread out too much.

Copy of DSC_0041.jpg

Photo from Nidtostructures.com

3. Hammock Stands

If you’re not able to find any good trees in your area, you might consider getting a hammock stand. There are all kinds of stands to choose from, ranging from ultralight backpacking stands to more permanent stands for your home. You’ll have to look at all the options to see what’s right for your needs, but having your own hammock stand is probably the easiest way to guarantee a good hammock experience.

Image result for hammock stand

Just one of many kinds of hammock stand. 

4. Cars and Trucks

I like the car/truck option for when you just need one extra anchor. Sometimes you find that perfect spot with a great view and you just need one more tree. Having a vehicle to attach to makes it a lot easier to get your hammock set up. Just make sure that you have a good spot to attach to your car, or you might damage it! For example, anchoring to the bed of your pickup is a safe bet, but clipping on to your rearview mirror probably won’t end well.

Hammocking between a truck and a tree

5. Buildings

Finally, you can always try hammocking from an outdoor structure like a pavilion, the side of a building, or a rain shelter. These kind of buildings are pretty common in public areas and state parks or national parks. If you can’t find any good trees, you can usually find some kind of building to hang your hammock from. This way you can still enjoy being outdoors and get the most out of your hammock.

Image result for hammock pavilion

Buildings like this one in Florida are purpose-built for hammocking.

This is just a starter list- really, there are endless different ways to hang your hammock, so don’t get held back by the lack of good trees. The only true limit is your creativity.

What’s the most creative way you’ve hammocked? let us know in the comments!

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